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Mercer SmartPath™

Marie @wildingLaw

Why can't my super fund automatically change as I do?

SuperThinking @mercerAU

Introducing Mercer's SmartPath™ to retirement.

It's not often in life that the simplest solutions are also the best. But at Mercer, we've created a product so intuitive that it practically thinks for itself.

Mercer SmartPath™ automatically adjusts your level of risk exposure to suit your stage of life. So while you're young, your super fund is geared for rapid growth. And later in life, your savings are actively protected from market volatility, then tuned to provide income.

In this way, Mercer SmartPath™ is always generating wealth and safeguarding your retirement income. You could find a more hands‑on way to maximise your returns - but you're unlikely to find a simpler way.

Mercer SmartPath™ optimises risk and return, by changing as you do.


Slide the glider tool to see how your savings could work for you at different life stages when powered by Mercer SmartPath™.

Joseph @EvenJoe67

Can you show me the thinking behind SmartPath?

Mercer SmartPath™ dynamically evolves as a member ages, responding to changing market conditions with strategies devised by some of the best investment professionals in the business and controls to ensure every change is cost effective.

Select an age group to view the asset allocation in more detail:

  • If you are in your 20's to 30's...

    Just like in your career, this is a time for growth. Your higher risk tolerance means allocating funds to higher growth assets such as global equities, emerging markets and infrastructure.

  • If you are between 40 and 55...

    With retirement more imminent, this is the time to diversify - reducing risk while spreading assets across many classes and types, such as property, infrastructure and alternatives. Strong returns and risk controls will position you for retirement.

  • If you are between 55 and 65...

    Heading into your retirement, we put controls in place to limit negative returns. We reduce exposure to equities and move towards defensive asset classes such as government bonds and growth fixed interest. By lessening risk, we protect what's yours.

  • If you are between 65 and 75...

    Retirement is the time to take advantage of your tax‑exempt status with tax aware income strategies. The goal is to invest cautiously, protecting your income from inflation to provide a rich, active retirement.

  • If you are 75+...

    This stage is about sustaining a comfortable income to handle the expenses that come with aged care. We preserve your capital and keep up with inflation with a blend of low‑volatility shares and defensive assets.

Alice @alice_muses

Where can I find out more about SmartPath?

SuperThinking @mercerAU

If you'd like to learn more about how Mercer SmartPath™ can benefit the members of your fund, visit us at

Alternatively, you can find out more about how SuperThinking could benefit your own superannuation at

Or, call us at 1300 MERCER (1300 637 237) to find out more.