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Sarah @JuneChild54

How can I make the most of my investments?

SuperThinking @mercerAU

Every investor has unique objectives. Our proprietary tools, breadth of expertise, global scale and decades of experience will help you towards yours.

After over 40 years in the business, Mercer now advises clients who collectively have over $6.7 trillion in assets worldwide. That makes us one of the largest investment advisers in the world. It also allows us to offer a comprehensive menu of investment tools, advice and solutions to help you navigate complex capital markets. But like anything, effective investment strategy comes down to smart thinking. Here are the five beliefs that underpin our approach and drive investment success.


Diversification means having the right mix of assets to smooth out periods of market volatility. It’s not just about lessening the impact of one asset class under stress. It’s about increasing returns by sharing in as many potential opportunities as possible.


Dynamic Asset Allocation is all about tactics. Like intelligently reducing your levels of an overly expensive asset class, while increasing exposure to assets with greater potential. It’s the very opposite of ‘set and forget’.


Active Management takes advantage of differentials between the price and value of an asset. Our investment managers bring skilful judgement in exploiting these market inefficiencies to add value.


Operational Efficiency is minimising unnecessary costs and avoiding unrewarded risk. Our experts have created the tools and techniques to identify, monitor and minimise the impact of the operational risks and costs of investing, so you get the most value out of every dollar you invest.


Sustainable Growth means looking beyond immediate risks to your investments and considering those that could emerge in the future - from poor governance to regulatory changes and social or environmental issues. It’s about being alert to how economic and capital allocation decisions are made and implementing strategies to protect your investments and enhance long-term value.

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Marie @wildingLaw

How does this philosophy benefit me?

SuperThinking @mercerAU

Our approach to investments is designed keep you abreast of market trends, rather than simply reacting to them. Over time, this creates better financial outcomes. We believe that Super Thinking is dynamic thinking, and there’s no better example than Mercer SmartPath™. Far more than a default super option, it automatically adjusts and diversifies asset allocation throughout your life to ensure you can enjoy the best retirement possible.

You can read more about Mercer SmartPath™ here.

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