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Stephen @stephenlgibbs

Who is Mercer?

SuperThinking @mercerAU

We're leaders in financial advice, investments, superannuation and talent.

The place the advisers go for advice.

It begins with expert intelligence. That leads to smart, dynamic decision‑making. And from there - to greater wealth and security for people, organisations, banks, super funds, and even governments.

Our ambition is to get Australians of all ages thinking about their financial futures. Here's how we plan to do it.

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So how can you help me?

SuperThinking @mercerAU

Here are just a few questions that we can help you answer:

Why can't my super fund automatically change as I do?

Learn more about Mercer SmartPath™

You don't think like other people. Why should your super fund?

Learn more about Mercer Super Trust

How can I compete on a level playing field with the world's largest investors?

Learn more about Investments

How can I increase workforce productivity without burning out my employees?

Learn more about Workforce Productivity

Can I plan for my future as if it was the present?

Learn more about Mercer Retirement

Can I offer my employees a benefit that makes the most of their super?

Learn more about Workplace Advice

To find out more, visit us at or call us at 1300 MERCER (1300 637 237).